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"The future inspires me, thinking ahead, my surroundings, and the company I keep, The thought of winning with my people and putting in the work in to execute plans and goals inspire me"

Tasheem Jo’el Gonzales (Born November 30, 1994) is a Westcoast rapper with an ostentatious streak, professionally known as Flashy B.

Growing up in Escondido, Ca, Flashy recalls being a trailblazing trendsetter, spending most of his time playing sports, creating, and showing out at local house parties. He quickly coined his stage name “Flashy” through his unrestrained reputation.

“I just grew up on getting fly and standing out wherever I chose to go I’m shining. I’m Flashy.”

At a very tender age of 12, he began pursuing his passion for music. Finding a new form of therapy through writing and after a slew of releases, Flashy B swiftly earned a rare co-sign

from St. Louis artist, Comethazine, and San Diego’s very own Rob Stone.

Since then, Flashy has collaborated with several creatives including Comethazine, BeatsbyDarrius, SieteGang Yabbie, 22Gfay, 88thagang, Rob Stone, John Gives, and more.

Flashy encourages new listeners to tune into his 2020 single “Back Stroke” as it not only remains his most successful track to date but is where he adequately displays his notable and melodic versatility.

Moving forward, Flashy plans on experimenting with new genres, expanding his collaborations, and developing a successful recognized Independent Label, “FAMO Records"

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