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Black & white T-shirt available for $30


all preorders will include a detail that signifies your loyalty to my brand as one of the first supporters!

Currently I am deciding between a Golded "G" or an exclusive added stitching. I will host a polling to allow all pre orders the ability to vote prior to final printing!

*Please Include your size & Name*

WHEN IS this Dropping?

March 20th 

One month after I announced I am creating merchandise for my brand

being that this is my first drop I am looking to make it quality, that being said there is alot to take into account: perfecting the sizing, print quality, and print location

create freely with like minded Passionate people when, where, and how I want

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 what i learned from the last 3 years of freelancing is this is very hard to come by. I hope that one day I can create a life for myself that is Impactful to my community in a positive way, challenging and full of opportunities to grow, and personally fulfilling.

KIRBY & I Thank you for your support

SHout out local threadz vista for helping me along this journey

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